Melanie Hobbs

10 September, 2013

Having seen the benefits of BlitzFitness through friends and finally free for a few hours, I decided to try the more gentle class on a Friday. From years of fitness neglect I was worried about not catching up, not being good enough and not even knowing how to do a Press Up! I just asked and no-one laughed at me or thought me no good. Karen and Lara helped me and with gentle persuasion I almost have the technique perfected. My self esteem is higher, I feel better about having a go and if I can push myself I will. Being with others is motivation and just when you think you can’t keep that plank position for one more second, they have you in another exercise and just when you can’t do that for one more second ……. I am glad I overcame my fears of being no good because now I feel I might be happy wearing that little black dress tonight.